Lover of the Achievement Hunter boys. Easily bored. I am a HUGE fan of the Michael / Ray friendship, Team Love and Stuff, and co-manage the blog When AH Stole Our Hearts. My favorite thing in the world to do is sleep.

BIG thank you to EllaMRed for the artwork!

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WhenAHStoleOurHearts wants to officially wish Michael a very happy birthday today. We hope that his day is amazing, and that it’s the very best for him that it could be! 

Also want to thank him for working so hard these past few years to bring us smiles and continuous laughter, and look forward to what he’ll bring us in the future! 

Happy Birthday to you, Michael! 

For everyone who wants to wish Michael a happy birthday ~ head over to When AH Stole Our Hearts and send in your favorite moment of him with your birthday shout out!

url inspired graphic for achievenenthunter

url inspired graphic for achievenenthunter

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Geoff snapchatting about Ryan and Gavin’s antics. Bonus Hybrid AU!

I’m sure this is going around already, but for those who haven’t seen it. 

Done by the extremely talented Will Robson.



Inspirational pokemon photos.

no dream is too bird carrying a leek

for those not in the pokemon fandom - the name of that bird carrying a leek is FAR’FETCHED.

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Here you are! Sorry they’re a bit late, and I hope they meet your expectations~

i give up on facial hair

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Gavin seeking Ryan’s love

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have some of my favorite juggey edits i made!! vuv

/ if used, please please credit me!! c:

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This bright sunshine of a man is going to be the death of me oh gosh

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