Lover of the Achievement Hunter boys. Easily bored. I am a HUGE fan of the Michael / Ray friendship, Team Love and Stuff, and co-manage the blog When AH Stole Our Hearts. My favorite thing in the world to do is sleep.

BIG thank you to EllaMRed for the artwork!

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What is I’m sure, one of the many impressions Michael has done of Ray.

One of my favorites is in a recent Minecraft Let’s Play, where Michael’s doing it, and Ray immediately catches on.

Ray : Michael…who are you impersonating…(sarcastic)
Michael : Sorry you had to hear that Ray. It was you.

Credit : imgonnagetbanned

Ray, the fun breaker in GO! #51

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The Prison Job (minus the dead couple)


Every time I come home from Derby practice I get a massive smile on my face by seeing these adorable goofs on the underground :)

Ryan: No one has been seen dancing like this in a millennium!


Man, I need Ryan&Gavin-only!Let’s Play so badly…

Episode 125 - Battleship


Ryan pls.


Ryan pls.